2019-2020 Tryout Results Posted

Player offers are listed by tryout shirt number.

To accept/decline the offer, please click on the "Offer Response" button and complete the email pop-up.

Names will be listed upon acceptance of team offer by the player. 

The deadline to accept an offer is October 31st. Follow up team information will be sent November 1st.

18-1 Black National

Head Coach Becca Kuhlman

Asst Coach Griffen Linehan


N. Abuyuan

M. West

S. Diller

K. Brun

M. Kaplan

Z. Spears

C. Siefert

C. Kepple

C. Sucato

J. Ely

18-2 Green
 National Lite

Head Coach Matt Butler

Asst Coach Graham Rudd


A. Saraga

J. Barber

S. Schlegel

I. Stevens

M. Gerardi

S. Gerardi

M. Shah

M. Polanka

J. Anderson

T. Calhoun

18-3 Gold Regional

Head Coach Logan Kerlin

Asst Coach Jacob Fess


T. Parson

B. Mote

J. Shackelford

D. Goetz

I. Shackleford

S. Kessler

A. Stevens

H. Larison

N. Umbreit

F. Kosir

17-1 Black National

Head Coach Corey Burge

Asst Coach Troy Brewer


R. Monnin

C. Holbrook

O. Major

E. Mosher

B. Luers

J. Darnieder

A. Buirley

J. Manfre

E. Stuart

L. Wilson

16-1 Black National

Head Coach Bill Buirley

Asst Coach Alex Ray


T. Monnin

Z. Davis

A. Panboon

A. Tornes

B. Simms

P. Statzer

K. Whitehead

T. Bauersfeld

M. Lawrence

A. Glasser

16-2 Green

Head Coach Marc Polanka

Asst Coach Chris Sheffield


W. Schmitz

C. Bronner

B. Scott

C. O'Leary

P. Bickel

A. Noble

A. Kolaczkowski

R. McGaha

A. Kohnen

C. Berry

16-3 Gold Regional

Head Coach Stacey Gooding


J. Adler

B. Burkhardt

T. Calhoun

M. Klein

W. Bier

N. Staigl

B. Fisher


C. Brown

K. Young


14-1 Black Regional

Head Coach Dave Hascher

Head Coach Megan Hausfeld


M. Philip

O. Mason

W. Jones

M. Boston

T. Stephan

K. Tooley

N. Balgag

B. Verceles

S. Landsaw

13-1 Black

Head Coach Michelle Hunt

Asst Coach Kelsey Van Oss


K. Adler

R. Cromwell

V. Fortkamp

E. Baldwin

J. Hunt

K Grothaus

P. Hanson

J. Sabin

T. Parada

S. Morgan

L. Fisher

B. Hunt

12 Black Regional

Head Coach Dave Kuhlman

Asst Coach Liz Gerlach


C. Gerlach

L. Smith

N. Johnston

W. Jones

B. Burr

W. Sabin

G. Duckro

I. Kolaczkowski

F. Smith

S. Brun

H. Humphreville

M. Madges

Wait List

Players listed here may receive an offer should a position become available on a roster for which the athlete is age appropriate and best suited for the role.

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